A Christmas Like No Other

It has been a tad difficult to get into the Christmas spirit this year. I have spent the evening either crying or laughing, not sure which emotion to settle on. The picture of my niece and nephew in their Christmas pyjamas, knowing that I cannot see them this Christmas, brought both joy and heartache. IContinue reading “A Christmas Like No Other”

Acrostic Poetry for our Tiered Times

I have deliberately avoided writing about the pandemic, or anything Covid related, but this has been a trying week. One of my sisters is currently home-schooling her eldest child, who was sent home to self-isolate for two weeks because his teacher tested positive for Covid. Whatever your position is on the government’s response to thisContinue reading “Acrostic Poetry for our Tiered Times”

The North Calls

I walked into the woods this morning, into the heart of the forest. The trees towered above me, still in full leaf, not yet ready to surrender their leaves to the siren call of autumn. In just a few steps it was though I was in another world. No voices, no traffic. Nothing to beContinue reading “The North Calls”