Deborah Siddoway

Lover of books, avid reader, Dickens enthusiast, wine drinker, knitter, writer, lover of all things Victorian, Northern lass moving back to the North, divorced.

The Story of Divorce

My current work in progress: Exploring the stories of the bigamists and bastards, feminists and fornicators that gave us the law of divorce as it exists today.

Latest from the Blog

HRT: Three Months In

I am just about reaching the end of my third cycle of HRT. Already I am struck by that word: cycle. I didn’t plan it this way, but it seems I have timed my monthly bleed to coincide with the full moon. The wolf moon was the first, the snow moon the second. Now, theContinue reading “HRT: Three Months In”

Happy Dogaversary to Me!

Today is one year since I bundled myself into my car, with an empty dog carrier, a boot full of puppy supplies, and if I’m being honest, a tad more than a little trepidation niggling away at me. I was on my way to collect my puppy, an adorable mostly apricot coloured maltipoo with smatteringsContinue reading “Happy Dogaversary to Me!”

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