Deborah Siddoway

Lover of books, avid reader, Dickens enthusiast, wine drinker, knitter, writer, lover of all things Victorian, Northerner, divorced.

The Story of Divorce

My current work in progress: Exploring the stories of the bigamists and bastards, feminists and fornicators that gave us the law of divorce as it exists today.

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The Podcast Series: The Story of Divorce

A Vile and Incestuous Intercourse The Story of Divorce

The story of Louisa Turton's marriage, and the circumstances which led to her petitioning Parliament for a divorce, becoming the second woman to be successful in her petition for a Parliamentary divorce.
  1. A Vile and Incestuous Intercourse
  2. Guilty of so Atrocious a Crime
  3. Without Shame or Modesty
  4. An Impudent, Infamous, and Lascivious Way
  5. The Curious Case of Adulterine Bastardy

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