Deborah Siddoway

Lover of books, avid reader, Dickens enthusiast, wine drinker, knitter, writer, lover of all things Victorian, Northerner, divorced.

The Story of Divorce

My current work in progress: Exploring the stories of the bigamists and bastards, feminists and fornicators that gave us the law of divorce as it exists today.

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Being the Year I Turn 50

Only nine hours or so into the new year and I have already seen two posts on Twitter from people who recently, or are about to turn, 50, bemoaning the fact that they have reached this milestone, seeing the best years of their life behind them. In the face of such negativity, given that IContinue reading “Being the Year I Turn 50”

The Podcast Series: The Story of Divorce

An Impudent, Infamous, and Lascivious Way The Story of Divorce

Concluding the story of the first divorce in England, that of Lord Roos from Lady Anne Manners. In this episode, we hear of how the parliamentary debates were observed by Charles II, as he considered the possibility of his own divorce. 
  1. An Impudent, Infamous, and Lascivious Way
  2. The Curious Case of Adulterine Bastardy
  3. As is Notoriously Known
  4. Scandalum Magnatum
  5. Utterly Void and Annulled

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