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Lover of books, avid reader, Dickens enthusiast, wine drinker, knitter, writer, lover of all things Victorian, Northerner, divorced.

The Story of Divorce

My current work in progress: Exploring the stories of the bigamists and bastards, feminists and fornicators that gave us the law of divorce as it exists today.

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The Green Man of Eshwood Hall by Jacob Kerr

The Green Man of Eshwood Hall by Jacob KerrMy rating: 4 of 5 stars This book was something of a slow burn for me. A sense of uneasiness pervades the whole of the novel, with the nomadic lifestyle of the family suggesting that something is not quite right, and that unsettling eerie atmosphere carries over…

Emma and the Silencing of the Working Class Woman

Today I finally made it to the Manchester Art Gallery to view the epic painting ‘Work’, by artist Ford Madox Brown. It is a dense painting, full of intricate detail, in which Brown attempts to depict the gospel according to Thomas Carlyle – that all work, even cotton-spinning work, is noble. There is much to…

The Podcast Series: The Story of Divorce

A Vile and Incestuous Intercourse The Story of Divorce

The story of Louisa Turton's marriage, and the circumstances which led to her petitioning Parliament for a divorce, becoming the second woman to be successful in her petition for a Parliamentary divorce.
  1. A Vile and Incestuous Intercourse
  2. Guilty of so Atrocious a Crime
  3. Without Shame or Modesty
  4. An Impudent, Infamous, and Lascivious Way
  5. The Curious Case of Adulterine Bastardy

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