Charles II and the First English Divorce

This is an abridged extract from The Story of Divorce, which looks at the first English divorce, and the role that Charles II’s marital woes may have played in the outcome. The year was 1670 and Charles II, the ‘Merry Monarch’, was on the throne. The Cavalier Parliament was only halfway through what would becomeContinue reading “Charles II and the First English Divorce”

Deborah Levy and The Cost of Living

The Cost of Living by Deborah Levy My rating: 5 of 5 stars Having read and very much enjoyed the first in Levy’s autobiographical triptych, I was really looking forward to delving into her second. I love Levy’s writing, both her works of imaginative fiction, but now, also her, more reflective work. Levy, in TheContinue reading “Deborah Levy and The Cost of Living”

Multiple Pictures of Single Women

This morning I scrolled through Twitter as I drank my tea, despairing over Putin’s war games, and the bravery of the men and women of Ukraine as they stand against it, but as I looked for something lighter this Tweet caught my eye: And I began to contemplate the paintings that adorn the walls ofContinue reading “Multiple Pictures of Single Women”

The Selected Letters of Caroline Norton in Three Volumes – Some Thoughts

The Selected Letters of Caroline Norton: Volume III by Ross Belson My rating: 5 of 5 stars I wanted to write a review to encompass all three volumes of Caroline Norton’s correspondence, and now that I have finished reading all three I am finally in a place where I can do so. Please note, though,Continue reading “The Selected Letters of Caroline Norton in Three Volumes – Some Thoughts”

The North Calls

I walked into the woods this morning, into the heart of the forest. The trees towered above me, still in full leaf, not yet ready to surrender their leaves to the siren call of autumn. In just a few steps it was though I was in another world. No voices, no traffic. Nothing to beContinue reading “The North Calls”

Saying Goodbye to the Nunnery

For the past two years, I have been living in a former convent. Built during the late nineteenth century (always a winner for me), the building was converted into a number of residential homes a few years ago. The house that I bought is in the former Cloisters. I love the very sound of thatContinue reading “Saying Goodbye to the Nunnery”

Ann Dawson, A Story of (No) Divorce

While researching the life and political writing of Caroline Norton for my MA I spent some time trawling through the archives of digital newspapers of the time, going over references to her, and to the issue of divorce law reform in general. During one of my (many) visits to the British Library while I wasContinue reading “Ann Dawson, A Story of (No) Divorce”