Book Review: The Bone Jar by SW Kane

The Bone Jar by S.W. Kane

The Bone Jar by S.W. Kane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Now, the mystery/thriller genre is normally not my thing, but if you were going by the blurb, I should have loved this book. I mean it had an abandoned asylum, and a former patient, so there was going to be some historic context. Sadly, however, this book merely, reminded me that the mystery/thriller genre is not really for me.

The writing was good, but the plot just didn’t work for me. It also took me a good twenty percent of the book to have any affinity with the characters, because too many people were introduced too quickly and I was struggling to keep track of them all. I’m not sure if this is because I was not paying enough attention because the plot wasn’t interesting me enough, or if it was too much detail too soon.

In any event, I don’t like to give a book less than 4 stars without explanation. And the thing that bugged me the most – the amount of snow at the start of the book. If it does snow like that in London, it never lies on the ground for long. The accumulated heat of the city generally eats away at it. It was a small detail, but one that really made it hard for me to invest a lot of time and energy in the book.

Perhaps if you like mystery/thrillers then this book would work for you. As for me, I think I might steer clear of the genre for a while.

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